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Christopher Semmens, Clinical Psychologist is an Accredited trainer of the Though Field Therapy tapping (TFT) approach - Algorithms and Causal Diagnosis levels.

TFT Algorithms training courses are presented as a two day event, and are offered to professional mental-health and other practitioners as well as interested lay persons. The groups are mixed in order to demonstrate real life situations.

The Algorithms training two day event that satisfies Australian Psychology Board requirements for active Professional Development (PD) and is endorsed by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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Thought Field Therapy Causal Diagnosis training is an advanced workshop run over three consecutive days during which you will learn how to diagnose specific treatment sequences for your clients and identify individual energy toxins.

"Excellent and stimulating two days" - J Elliott


"I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend training with Chris on TFT. It was very well delivered and Chris was great, easy to understand and very approachable" - J Clift


"Christopher was an entertaining and interesting teacher who I immediately felt comfortable with, allowing me to absorb the material he was presenting" - C Meredith



Try TFT - read or download chapter III Stop the Nightmares of Trauma - free!

"Well balanced introduction to TFT protocols including historical evolution and practical application to numerous clinical applications." Dr Noel Partridge
Scarborough WA
"Thank you for providing me with such an easily approachable and understandable tool to combat my daily fears"
- E Bowie



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