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Anxiety, panic, fear and traumatic stress affect a significant percentage of the population.

Quite often one's presenting problems can be influenced by the existence of underlying, unresolved life experiences.

  • Has there been any significant loss in your life?
  • Any significant trauma?
  • Any significant disruption?
  • How would you rate the quality of the parenting you received?
  • Is there anything else you think I should know?

These are what I call "the Four Questions plus One" that I will usually enquire about during the first consultation.

In essence, there are three core elements to my evidence-informed treatment approach:

  • trauma-informed orientation
  • philosophical change emphasis
  • a skills based learning agenda

I'll give you some very effective strategies to deal with your presenting problem and together we'll work out the cause or causes with the view to resolving your emotional distress as quickly and painlessly as possible.

You will learn what anxiety actually is and begin to understand that the bodily sensations that affect you are not life threatening and can be resolved - furthermore you will come to see the anxiety experience as an ordered and predictable but excessive response.

I operate a private practice called Anxiety, Trauma and Panic Services (formerley the Anxiety and Panic Centre). We are based in Perth Western Australia with an office in West Perth and another in Fremantle, but given today's modern technology, with access to a computer and the telephone, we are able to assist you wherever you are, throughout Australia, even world-wide.

Through this site you can access information on private consultations, Skype or telephone consultations, training courses, home study programmes and mail order products that will help you to achieve a happier, more fulfilled life.

By appointment at my consulting rooms in Perth, WA, by SKYPE or telephone...
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Read my article about Trauma-Informed Care & Practice (TICP)

Clinical Psychologist Christopher Semmens

focuses particular attention in the areas of anxiety and panic, traumatic stress and pain management and cigarette smoking cessation.

He is a practicing clinical psychologist with over 25 years experience. His background is diverse, including work within the prison system; with Aboriginal children in residential childcare; in educational settings; multidiciplinary pain management centre and private practice.

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I have thorough and comprehensive training in many clinical psychology modalities including rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT); cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); hypnotherapy and mindfulness meditation techniques. I generally use these approaches with most of the people I see. Since 1997 I have also incorporated the Thought Field Therapy tapping (TFT) treatment modality into my work because I have found it contributes to an enhanced efficiency in achieving effective outcomes.

The philosophical orientation of Albert Ellis' REBT remains the grounding of my work.

Christopher Semmens
Clinical Psychologist

MAppPsych; BSc; BPsych;
DipClinHyp; TFTdx




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