Products to help resolve Anxiety, Fear and Trauma.

The very latest developments in clinical psychology now make it possible to effectively package treatment approaches in ways that can maintain their effectiveness when used at home. Please allow 28 days for delivery on some items.

Fearfix ® - How to free yourself from anxiety, panic, fear & phobias.

Fearfix® is the most cost effective way to yourself achieve anxiety control through expert guidance in the comfort of your home.

Fearfix® is a set of 2 DVD's and 3 audio CDs.


More information on Fearfix ® - How to
free yourself from anxiety, panic, fear & phobias

$192 + GST

Fast Focus ® -

DVD and CD Set click here for more information Reduce stress, get centred and back in balance within just a few minutes with Fast Focus exercises on CD and DVD.

Fast Focus Exercises


$44.95 set plus postage and handling



Christopher Semmens on Thought Field Therapy - an introduction to Thought Field Therapy including case studies.


AU$15.50 incl. GST


Christopher Semmens Multimedia CDs

Quitfix ® - The complete stop smoking programme

The power therapy approach to smoking cessation! Presented by Christopher Semmens. Includes TFT, NLP, CT and Hypnosis techniques. 2 DVD's and 3 audio CDs with a comprehensive manual.



$ 186.00 + GST


"Stop the nightmares of trauma" - Thought Field Therapy, the power therapy for the 21st century

Author: Dr. Roger J Callahan



AU$40.00 incl. GST


"Tapping the healer within" - Using thought field therapy to instantly conquer your fears, anxieties and emotional distress -

Author Dr. Roger J Callahan


AU $40.00 incl. GST
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